Friday, September 6, 2013

Week of Sept 1st-7th By the Numbers

Actual workdays- 4, 3 if you count today's teacher workday without students.  What up school district to put a workday 8 days after we started the school year.  Are you trying to tick off working parents?

Number of Jr Jazzercise classes taken- 1 + a 8 week punch pass purchased.  Ben was beside himself and damn if he isn't more coordinated than me.

Number of mea cupla emails sent to Ben's teacher for loosing his homework-1.  In my defense it got mixed into a stack I was grading.  I noticed later I had misspelled a word in my email to her.  opps...

Speaking of grading- Current in-basket for work to be graded on my desk.  Hello weekend.  That doesn't include planning for a 2 week unit on the political process for AP Gov or the Era of Good Feelings for US kids. I would like to spank whoever named the period of history, "the era of good feelings." Really, do we care about John Quincy Adams.  I think not.

Speaking of kids, while I have a gazillion of them, so far even the repeating ones are working, coming to class, and giving it their best shot.  It probably doesn't hurt I have instituted "Cookie Friday" if we can get through a whole week of productivity. It may cost me a small fortune, but the in the long run it will be a double win situtation.

Number of students that I currently have- over 100.  I would give you an actual count, but it changes daily, and the numbers only continue to go up as more students enroll in the first 10 days and classes are filled to capacity.  Actually the phrase, "filled to capacity" no longer fits, maybe I should practice stuffing dead bodies in the extra space in my house.  This seems like a good and useful skill about now.

Needless to say I'm short on books, desks, chairs, in general room for it not to be wall to wall teenagers hosed down in AXE bodyspray.  I have built up a tolerance to the universal skanky teen boy smell that usually is complemented by Dominos Pizza and Mountain Dew on any given Friday night in America.

Moving on.

Number of hours of exercise- One workout with the trainer and heading to the gym today before pick up. If I can pull off kickboxing tomorrow, then I kinda met my goal.

Number of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks purchased- 2 and likely going to be 3 today.  My daily on the way home coffee pick up has the potential for addiction status.

Books finished this week- 2-In all due respect, it has taken over a month to listen to Half the Sky on audio while walking the dog.  The second, a bookclub book called Lost and Found, sparked a discussion of what game show or reality show would you like to be a contestant.  According to the discussion last night: Nays to Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, basically anything when hooking up in a skanky hot tub with some has-been is a major plotline.

My friend mentioned Supermarket Sweep. Remember this gem circa 1992?  I SO watched this every afternoon, dreaming on a day I could wear a nasty baby poop yellow collared contestant sweatshirt and fill my grocery cart with 17 lb hams.

Happy weekend-


Beth said...

OMG--ROTFL! And did you by any chance misspell "loosing"? :-) Hang in there!

Carrie said...

Haha. I one time wrote his teacher and spelled her name wrong. I felt horrible!