Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Bears Acres

If you asked the average kid to list what they would include in theme park I'm fairly sure you would get a rehash of any Disney trip.  But would they include?

  • mud kitchen
  • sling shot arena
  • archery
  • paddle boats
  • s'mores by a fire pit
  • hay jump
  • maze
  • giant jumping pillow pit
  • play speed boat
  • massive play structure with unique multi-kid swings, forts, and slides a plenty
  • cargo net
  • fishing
  • giant tubes to roll down a hill
  • and a slalom downhill 4 person racing slide

When my friend told me about Three Bears Acres and that her kids had spent almost four hours, I mentioned that I bet my boys would stay until closing.  We did.  I literally had to pry a pot full of mud out of Ian's hand and Ben off the jumping pit as the owner was giving us the stink eye to leave.

I want to encourage Triangle friends to check out Three Bears Acres.  While a little drive, about 45 minutes from west Cary, the drive out was nice filled with scenic lakes and is located near Falls Lake camping. The location in Creedmoor is a 15 minute drive off of 540.

I talked to the owner about having Ben's Y guides plan their end of the year family fest. She was all too happy to talk about cutting us a group rate with s'mores included for each participant. She also would allow us rope off the picnic area for a specific time without an extra charge.

It was obvious that parents planned this location, from super clean restrooms with a changing table loaded with extra wipes to a snack stand with reasonable priced kid choices.

I would recommend packing lunches and several snacks.  They have a shady picnic tables and benches everywhere.  I would also recommend taking a change of clothes or at least extra towels as expect to be dirty.

Case in point, Ian's clothes

I asked the owner how this kid paradise came to fruition and it was just as you imagined, she asked her own school age kids as well as many nights over wine with like-minded mom friends for ideas.  Not only is this one of the most kid-friendly places we've visited, just try not to race your kids down the giant slide or jump along side your kids.  While Ben and Ian were exhausted, so was I from playing.

Pricing is located on their website and was in line with most of the area jump houses and paid museums.  They are offering year long passes and are adding water play for the summer.

*Of note is a reduced rate for kids ages 2-5 on Thursday mornings. This place was planned by parents, not a corporate behemoth.

If local, please check out this newest place to play.  Word of mouth is the best type of advertising.  I would like them succeed providing family fun for years to come as well as help a local small business.

Happy (tired) kids = Happy parents

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Gillian said...

Great review, Heather! I especially appreciate the bullet list. They should add that to their website as it is a bit hard to get a feel for what the place is like online. We will add this to the list.