Friday, April 26, 2013

The Joy Boy boat cruise is the tip of the iceburg

Oh hi, it would be Friday and the best intentions to post this week have instead been replaced by time spent:

1. getting unearthed at work
2. getting unearthed at home
3. falling asleep at inappropriate moments.

Let's make that falling asleep in class while talking.  I'm mortified that it happened again with the same students, including my old next door neighbor's son!

Actually the week has gone down well.  I met up with friends, took the boys, ok threatened, a nasty 3 year old sassy Ian within an inch of his life at Science Night at Ben's school.  I finished two books I've been reading over the month, lots of stuff related to school including puling together a speakeasy with jazz music for my history classes.

*Note no alcohol, rather enough soda and doughnuts to encourage diabetes as a graduation present for all.

Ian has had a horrible week and we are moving to trying something new in conjunction with his teachers after time spent in the directors office multiple days. Did I mention I have a love/hate relationship with Age 3.   Lucky me I get him all weekend alone.

Actually, we are planning some time to play at home, with a friend who is coming over to grill out and keep me company (and drink), plans to walk to feed ducks and get ice cream.  We are going to the farmers market to get plants with a stop at our favorite Raleigh park on Sunday after we swing by my work.

I have close to 150 projects to grade so I reckon my nights are going to be filled with mindless TV and grading once Ian is down.  Do I hear Mad Men or an Arrested Development marathon in honor of TODAY being one month and counting to the release of new episodes. Can you taste the excitement of the return of the Cornballer!!!

Bill and Ben are heading to an all weekend camp out near the coast with their Y Guides troop.  It is the district "jamboree type" event for the spring.  I'll have to admit that I'm a little jealous looking at the agenda.

I didn't even ask what the "Joy Boy Boat Cruise" even was. Frightening.

Happy weekend-

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