Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friends only let friends listen to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Cue to Saturday night when my friend came over to let our kids play (her son is a couple of years older, but did great with Ian) and grill out.  It was the first time using our newly powerwashed screened in back porch and it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

She showed up with cheese, alcohol, and chocolate and a killer playlist including the above title circa 1982 funk band classic.  We played outside, prepped food, danced in my kitchen, and chatted up the events of the last couple weeks. After dinner we walked to get ice cream with the boys. I was asleep well before 11 pm being the fun loving, thrill seeking middle aged mom I am.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful including grading this gazillion number of projects involving 1920s biographies on a bag, Depression era photobooks all to Season 2 blitz of Arrested Development.  Ian and I hung out, playing with cars, watching Dinosaur train, eating pancakes for breakfast, sleeping until 7 each morning. Yesterday I did a ton of yardwork before the rain moved in, we went to church and ran a bunch of errands before Bill got home with Ben from their camping weekend.

Last night I met up with some teacher friends at what is becoming our go-to place for margaritas.  As I was going in I pushed my body against the window in some lame mime-like fashion trying to get their attention.  Not noticing I was hovering over some unsuspecting couple eating dinner, it was too embarrassingly funny when I had to make the walk of shame past their table to meet up with my friends.

Bill reported he and Ben had a good weekend.  Ben tried lots of new activities not including the Joy Boy Boat event.  Pictures to come as once home last night he was long since asleep, tired from the weekend.

The six week countdown until summer break is on.  The "eat ice cream poster child" is starting early.


Carrie said...

YUM! We just went for frozen custard yesterday. Love his little chocolate ice cream mustache.

Beth said...

You know I'm loving the biographies on a bag! Oh how I WISH you were my high school history teacher. (Although I have to say, I LOVE my government teacher, who also taught world history. But still . . .) Glad you guys had a good weekend and that Ben had fun on his camp out!