Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wrap it Up- February 2015

What a crazy month where we were only in school for 12 days.  It was a productive month on my end, even with having the boys home for large parts of all most all snow days.  What happened this snowy month?
-Four books read
-Summer camps planned by week with deposits on ones that have the potential to sell out
-Summer camp binder created after attending the area summer camp fair and picking up lots of brochures for future summer ideas when the boys are older
- Lots of work spent on the AP Capstone Diploma launch and area outreach to our feeder middle schools to populate our first classes this fall
- Planned both an adult surprise party for Bill as well as a family party for his 40th birthday
-Settled up travel arrangements for the AP Gov't reading in Salt Lake City
-Mini freeze ahead session and a freezer inventory completed/updated
-Bill convinced the boys to do a toy purge by showing them some put back Hex bug tracks (yes, they still love Hexbugs when I know they have gone the way of the obsolete toy genre)
-spent many a very cold days outside playing in the snow with the boys with no injuries for all concerned
-Finished up Season 3 of Homeland and all of the Ken Burns Roosevelt series, as well as clearing out past 60 minutes, fall Good Wife episodes, and Frontlines that have been hanging around all fall
- Managed to return to my pre-injury status with working out and a goal of 10,000 steps per day. I've joined some friends at work in a workweek contest via my Fitbit.  Since being  home during the day I managed to get in some classes I don't normally get to do including two barre classes and a 30/30 cardio/core class.

The biggest accomplishment was the over 40 pages of writing for my National Board Renewal.  I finished rough, but edited versions for 3 of 4 entries, planned out what evidences including video tape teaching components to use, letters of recommendation needed, and in general a plan to finish and submit by the May deadline. This is a huge, huge accomplishment for me to be this far along on 2/28 given on 2/1, I hadn't even paid the renewal fee yet or taped one class.

As much as a schedule-driven person like myself is, I also took full advantage of lazy mornings where no one was awake before 7 am and I found myself getting on average 7-8 hours of sleep on the snow days.  As much as I'm ready to be back to work and get on with finishing up this school year, I also relish the days that I spent just leading a much more relaxed existence for our family (even high-energy Ian who had several late delayed/early pick up days at daycare when regular public school was closed, I praise you Ms. Pam and Ms. Amy for contributing to my sanity)

Happy almost spring....

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