Friday, February 27, 2015

What happens when you conspire with spouses and children to plan 40th birthday parties

Wednesday we got a respite from the weather and while Ben was still out of school, Ian went in on a delayed schedule.  Perfect, given by nightfall local weather was a game of which forecaster would get it right with predictions from 4 inches to a foot a snow.  When I had asked Bill what he wanted to do for his birthday back in December he said maybe go to dinner.  I asked again after having a house full of people for my party and he again said I don't know, a typical "Not on my radar, so not thinking about it answer."  So I started thinking if I was to plan something what would he want?  I consulted two groups:  1. the spouses of some of his guy friends 2. Ben and Ian (obviously this was now going to be two separate celebrations.)

What was the result?

Party one on Saturday nightbefore his birthday at a local Brazilian steak house that he loves but I have a really hard time justifying the cost given how little meat I can eat.  I invited five other couple friends and conspired with their spouses believing that is anyone was going to make it out of the house with childcare arranged on a Saturday night, it would be because the wives that would make it happen.  I arranged with my friend Eileen to make a cake in Bill's favorite Dr. Who theme.  Of course there were issues including Ian smashing his hand into the cake just as she opened the box to show me the finished product.  With some strategically placed candles, all was good.

Issue 2 was that our drop in child care we've been using since our babysitter graduated from high school was full.  As in at 5 pm they were full, like never ever seen them this full.  I can only guess a week of being home with snow led to some cabin-feverish parents.  Luckily we quickly called their other location who could only take 3 more children and got the boys secured before starting to think that they boys would be joining us.  We had a great night, minus the very little I ate and Bill was actually surprised.

On his actual birthday, the 25th, we met him after work at Dave and Busters for dinner and video games.  This would have been what the boys planned for Party 2 (or basically for themselves.) Bill had requested that instead of more cake that I get doughnuts from the newly opened, and sinfully good "Duck Donuts" in Cary.

Given that snow predictions were for a up to a foot, we totally got a full dozen.  And yes, that is bacon covered maple goodness.  We came home to open presents, eat doughnuts and watch the snow round 2 start.

*the handwriting on the card kills me and begs of V boy sweetness

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