Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Overhead last night while going over homework:

Ben:  I need a biography to use for our class wax museum

Mom: Do you want to use the "Kid President" book you like so much?

Ben:  I read the one about Roosevelt, the one that killed a bear, not the one during WWII

Mom: you mean Teddy not Franklin

Ben:  Yeah, my book said he was famous for saying, "speak softly and carry a big stick"
Does this mean I can take a stick to school from our yard  *or collection in the garage*

BUT not tell anyone why I have a stick at school

Mom: uh, no.  I think we need to look up more information about Teddy.  I think you would like him.  He was kinda crazy, like Ian and all those risky behaviors he has.  But in Teddy's case he used it for good and became the President

*Note this book is AWESOME!  Not only does it tell a factual biography from a selection of Presidents from childhood, each story tells how a character trait each President developed in childhood helped them in their presidency.

Who would have thought that Dwight Eisenhower's grandfatherly appearance really covered up a bad temper?

Check out this book, it is a must read for history nerds and non-nerd alike!

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