Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools..All of March's Missing Posts!

April Fools that I really had 30 days of posts from March.

Nope.  I got to last night and realized that not for one, single day did I post the goings and comings of our family.  You can probably guess the usual culprits, and you would be right.  Add to it a dull headache that doesn't seem to go away and most nights I'm collapsing in bed right behind the boys.

So what happened in March?

- Finished two books, Still Alice and the very highly recommended "It's What I Do, A Photographers Life of Love and War"- Lynsey Addario
-Went to the Art in Bloom exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.  I'm not sure what was more awesome, a few hours alone or to be surrounded by beautiful displays of flowers?
-Trip to the Celebrity Dairy with the boys for an afternoon of rope swinging, baby kid goat holding, giant dirt hill conquering, and picnicking under the warm sunshine
-Ian date day including the Durham Bulls fan fest, Locopops, and trip to Guglhuph bakery
-Both boys started back with spring soccer, aka... time for OxyClean and Fels Naptha bar to get out lots of mud and grass stains
-Ben wrapped up off season soccer conditioning and skills. These practices were a good call, especially since all practices for his regular club league have been rained out so far this season.
-Presented at the 2015 Kenya mission teams summit. I believe I may have been the only one that said, "you will want to brings lots of bags to separate your clothes, unless you like the smell of diesel fuel and cooking meat permeate everything you own."  In all honestly, I'm insanely jealous of the teams going this year and wish I could be a stow away.

-I'm in good shape to continue editing and hopefully post my National Board Renewal by month end after attending a Saturday work session in which I got feedback on my writing.
-Last minute call to see Brian for a short 24 hour visit.
-Lots of meetings rescheduled from a snowy February to pitch the new AP Capstone course to potential students and their families. More continues into April including a middle school teacher visit and roundtable I am hosting.
-All summer camps booked and the summer master schedule with trips/fights arranged.  Minus one mis-scheduled event, I worked my summer camp budget like a boss
-A mini- Spring break week in which I think we made the best of our two days with go kart riding and trips to see the new dinosaur exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural History
- Many, many hours spent outside walking the dog to the playground and around the greenway.  While I enjoyed the extra time off in February to be super productive and get the bulk of my National Boards written while home with the snow days, I love, love, love the return of spring.

This is my favorite picture of the month

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