Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrap it Up- January 2015

Oh January, you didn't trick us with cold, snowy days.  Rather, we've had mild days, lots of sunny weekends and LOTS going on in the first month of the year.  

In January I/we

-celebrated the new year with a quiet, at-home celebration
- first urgent care/ER visit of the new year went to mom 
- started flag football and soccer skills/drill preseason practice (Ben)
- registered for kindergarten (Ian)
-met with the Principal and Dean of Students at another NC high school piloting the AP Capstone my school is set to launch this fall.  I am excited that these are baby steps into making this program reality.    
- wrapped up one semester with students that I will truly miss and learned just shy of 90 new names for new students taking US History II this spring
- extended birthday weekend.  First, with a Pioneer Woman themed dinner party (d'oh... still need to post pictures, if for nothing else THE FOOD!!)
-Then, on my actual birthday which was spent at the beach with the boys watersliding out butts off
- I also finished three books although my Goodreads account has grown mold I'm so behind in updating. For 2015 I set a much more realistic 30 books.  
-Saw the movie Selma in an actual movie theater, followed by beer to discuss the historical accuracy.  Man, those Social Studies teachers.... you can't take them anywhere. 

By far my favorite decision of the month were the decision to send out to the Universe "paper flowers" to build a garden of great memories and wishes for the next 40 years.  I am so, so glad I didn't second guess myself that this was a selfish and indulgent request of my friends from current times to those who knew me in a different phase of life.  Opening my mailbox to find most January days since the original mailing to read the return slips have made me laugh out loud, stifle back a sob, or mostly be forever grateful for the many relationships I've had that have made my life rich and full. 

This is truly a gift from the Universe.  

That unfolded bit by bit

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