Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from the family

Hello in a vain attempt to kick start 2015 reposting a few times a week.  There's a post somewhere about what has been going down this fall but I will tell you that the whole up at 4:30 am, at work when the building opens at 6 and subsequently in bed by 9:30 pm is the best thing I've done in my adult life.  Sadly, having to give up essentially watching TV, reading (as many) books, and honestly finding time to check in here are the trade offs for more sleep and combating a spate of insomnia.

Today is Christmas, a bittersweet day of wishing for a big family get together, but also loving the peace and quiet of the kids upstairs, the downstairs all cleaned up and an unfilled day relaxing.

Christmas Eve service was a reminder of how much I love our church and how much it encourages me to live my best story.  When we got home I got the boys to sit for a picture with a promise that they could eat the monster cookies we made with friends earlier in the day.

Poor Santa if he had plans for being on a diet after arriving at our house last night.

We purposely picked only one thing to do in the weekends prior to today and have said no more times than yes to commitments. The boys both asked for several small items over larger electronics this year which was a happy request to comply.  Ben asked for a stack of books selected online and at the school book fair, Pokemon cards, a giant Civil War battle set that Ben picked out at Ford's Theater.

When I told Bill he agreed to put it back for Christmas morning, he immediately asked who would want a play set of the Lincoln assassination?  Uh, no Bill, we only purchased it at Ford's theater. Although what an untapped market and also seriously disturbed would it be to market "worst moments in US history" to children.  Can't you just see replica of the Grassy Knoll and 6th Floor Book Depository or maybe a shelled US Embassy of the Tet Offensive?

We laid out a trail of Pokemon cards down the stairs and put the rest in the tree for the boys to find.  There were just as amazed that Santa had come up to their rooms and were convinced he checked to make sure they were sleeping.  I am fairly sure this is the final year that Ben will believe in Santa as many of the questions asked in the past days were of the "I've been thinking this gig through and some aspects just don't make sense."

Ben did offer to clean up his desk yesterday and wrote Santa a note in handwriting I have not seen so neat on any 3rd grade assignment.  I will be sad when he no longer believes, but feel he will be a good accomplice in keeping it going to Ian.

Ian wanted multiple items from the show Paw Patrol including a robo dog.  He is into an all thing puppy phase which is sweet given that so much of what he is exposed to if often older Ben related.  Last night he was just standing and looking at the tree with the wonder that is limited to children. We contemplated having the Portable North Pole Santa message tell him he needed to work harder on staying on Santa's good list, but at the last minute caved and opted for good.  Four year olds are the new terrible twos.  Random thought, but does anyone ever send an PNP and mark it "naughty?"

Speaking of dogs, the boys got Vegas a bone that was as big as she is.

I got my trip to Boston last month for my main gift, but Bill did surprise me with Cards Against Humanity for my party next month with several extra expansion packs included.  I got him multiple items for his computer like cables and more memory.  Oh the gifts of the middle aged.  I totally now get why my parents always seemed very excited by a simple check made out to them for "gift cards don't exist yet, so here is some money to use on likely your bills."

We took a long walk on the Greenway to the Park and enjoyed a beautiful day, enjoyed grilled steaks and later a Christmas lights tour Part II.   Recently we watched the Christmas Light Fight on tv to which the boys asked if we could make our house look as awesome as 8 acres and 2 million lights.  My answer, "I don't think they work if they have time to put up 2 million lights."

Merry Christmas.  I hope you spent it with those you love.

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