Saturday, October 18, 2014

October Love List

In an attempt to restart an earlier monthy series from earlier in 2014, I'm po For October a very special one issue, that of a decision made in NC last week.

On Monday last week the Supreme Court reconvened for the 2014 docket.  Expected was the decision to make a wider decision by taking up a group of cases on appeal.  What was not expected was in the middle of class, one of my students said, "Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Vinson... breaking news from the first day of the docket." Yes, we were using our phones in class for an activity, yes I know that they were also scrolling Twitter... and yes I am happy that they suscribe to news on their feeds.

We immediately stopped what we were doing in class, pulled up SCOTUSblog on my LCD projector and watched as a class as the news they were allowing lower court rulings to stand.

Not the decision expected at all and as the week unfolded we dissected what the ruling mean for states like NC that had an appeal tied up in Federal Court.  Throughout the week each day brought more news that states were extending the right to marry to same sex couples.  On Friday afternoon on the drive home in carpool came the call from the federal appeals courts that Amendment 1 passed two years ago in NC was unconstitutional.  YESSSS!!! I screamed out my open window at the news.  YESSSS!!! to my local friends Karen and Kelli and their triplets who can finally marry, YESSSS!!! to my students who openly feel comfortable being out and embracing their true selves in my classes, YESSSS!! to my boys whom I hope will find love and a forever relationship when the time is right.

As we has dissected this past week in class through the lens of how, why, what does the SCourt's decision mean for the 30 states where same sex marriage is legal and how is this a perfect example of Federalism.  We've had SO, SO many meaningful discussions from both sides of the argument this past week.  For a teacher, these are the weeks you come back to on the hardest of days.

I played my usual party line of moderator not on either side as I continue to want the number one thing you learn in my class is to pick a side and become politically active. I want my students to care as much about their community as much as their lives online.

I am so, so happy that after all the setbacks from our state government, that this time I am proud to say we are on the right side of an issue.

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