Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Pictures of 2014

Tomorrow I will post my annual yearly rewind, but today I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I took (many with my cell phone, but some with our bigger digital Sony Nex 5) during 2014.

January- If you are going to burn all your spring break days building snowmen, better make it a good one.

Runner up- the "mo' money pinata the boys selected for my 39th birthday"

February- NINE,yes NINE days of school missed due to snow and ice. At least it was pretty.

I love stealth gifting to friends.  From a post about a different kind of Valentines Day.  

March brought insanely warm weather, like rolling down hills warm weather

March also brought a meet up at Hawks Nest Snow Tubing with Uncle Brian.  Tell me this child is not ready for dorm life circa age 18

While a quick candid of of my brother Brian, a resolution for 2014 was to see him more.  I did :)

April 2014- Ben:  Hey mom, those trees are pretty, want us to take some pictures if you will let us climb them?  Mom:  How fast can you put on a nice shirt? 

Also in April- My "Eat Ice Cream Advertising Poster child" turned 4

May- My first real gig doing flowers for someone other than my $15 weekly flower budget. I must make this my retirement plan.  

I celebrated Mother's day by taking the boys to the "Gotta Be" Festival in Raleigh. Eating fried dough AND spinning at top speed in the giant strawberry ride?  Hell yeah.

May also brought the return of warm weather, hours outside exploring, being boys, being ourselves.

May also was the final full month of school, sometimes you need a reminder why you work the crazy hours and spend more waking hours a day with someone else's kids.

My students had an average 21 points over the national average passing rate for the AP Gov't test and the 2nd highest AP scores in our school.  I'll take the time/money invested to rent out a local restaurant's patio seating the weekend before the exam any day to get this type of motivation.

Some of the 60+ public policy papers reminded me at the end of the day, they are really just overgrown 8 year olds, needing direction and editing.

June- Ben is 8!  And EIGHT is GREAT in every single way.

June also was the start to Camp Mommy Summer edition.  First up, one of my favorite pictures of the year from a weekend trip to see the Hunter family.

June also saw the start to summer camp season. From a picture posted Ian's camp on a walk in the woods to find a fairy.  One of the counselors sent me this picture of the sheer magic that is being 4 years old.

June also saw BMX camp.  Ben loved camp so much we went back with his friend Mary for another week this summer.

June also saw our annual summer trip to see my high school friend's lake home.  What I didn't post were the pictures of me, Melissa, and Laura attempting to pull almost 40 year old self onto a water trampoline.

Nothing says SUMMER like a slice of watermelon as large as your head.

When we got home Bill had made a water activity board the boys spent many a hour playing with the rest of the summer.

Summer also saw many sleep overs with best friends that included trips to pick up am doughnuts. 3rd grade is all about how much time can be spent with said BFF.

July was a continuation of camps for the boys but 19 days of child-free fun.  First up was a trip to Washington state with the National Endowment for the Humanities in dept study of the storied history of the Atomic age at B reactor.

Next up, Los Angeles for a week at the Reagan Presidential Library.  One of the participants had rented a convertible for the week and well... if you are going to soak up the California sun cruising along the Pacific Coast highway, you might as well do it in a convertible.

Yes, that is a REAGAN sweatshirt on me.  Take a picture.  Oh wait, someone did.

In August we headed on our annual Mom + V Boys road trip to Florida.

We also stopped over both ways to see Uncle Brian.

September saw the beginning of 3rd grade for Ben and 4 year old Preschool at Preston for Ian.  Given we all have to be up so early we never take First Day of School pictures until once home, tired, and yes no one wanted to wear shirts for their pictures.

Well... except in one

October was the end of soccer season.

I love Ian's expression (from spring soccer, but still awesome.) He was very proud of his very first medal/trophy and wore it to bed.  My little boy is catching up to his older brother at break-neck speed.

Ben''s team, the Jaguars went to the tournament finals in their bracket.  Both boys loved playing and mom loved that they were worn out after every practice and game. 

The whitest that jersey ever was was on the 1st game day.

In November, we attempted to get some holiday card shots.  It was one of those days that we had packed too much into the afternoon, but wanted to try and get the leaves at their peak.  With Bill's editing software and about a gazillion shots, I liked some of the pictures we ultimately used on our cards.  

December brought Santa visits at a killer local hayride with lights a plenty. I loved that we got our Santa pictures early in the season for free no less, leaving me to enjoy other Santa events without trying to get a good shot.  In fact, after Hill Ridge Farms visit, I just left the camera at home. 

 I can only imagine what he is telling him

It was a hard call, but my favorite picture of the year was from an warm weekend trip to the beach with the boys.  We ate ice cream while watching the tide come in from a swing, won the beachside water ballon toss, walked on the beach, at cupcakes for breakfast.  
*All that plus we waterslid our butts off over a long weekend.   

I look at this picture and I see lots of happiness that was shared by us in 2014.  I see the two biggest reasons my heart grows as they grow. 

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