Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Over the summer we transitioned Ian into a big boy bed and room.  As sad as I was to see those custom framed favorite children's books be packed away oh-so-carefully to be given one day for grandchildren.  But,it was time.  Complete with Lego movie themed bedding and a puppy and soccer ball poster (yes, Ian asked for both and Bill worked his magic.)

Bill did a fab job checking out options and settled on a bed that can grow with Ian over the next 5 or so years.  Without hesitation the bed will not be used for a while as a bunk bed as to keep hospital co- pays at bay.  We opted for light wood and have a stone colored stick on panels we purchased to be custom fit to the bed and dresser.

We also replaced his baby furniture dresser with an IKEA storage unit.  This allows for book, minimal allowed toys, plus clothes.  Ian (and Ben) are responsible for sorting and putting up their own clothes each weekend.  Having marked drawers helps as I tape a picture with printed words on the correct drawer for Ian on his chore day.  To keep him from playing with them I take them down each weekend. So far he "loves" to be doing a big boy job like Ben.

The other night I went to check on Ian before I went to bed and found this set up with all the animals, pillows, books all laid out. Before you ask, "uh, Heather could that be some of your OCD tendencies being passed on?"  When I asked Ian the next day, he told me while he was sleeping they must have gone on a picnic.

How cute.

How perfectly four years old cute

How much did I want to capture him retelling what happened in his sweet voice.  Note *Ben is about to go to bed as well and come read to Ian and me as well as remind me that tomorrow was "taco Tuesday" and he wanted to eat school lunch.  What a average bedtime at Casa Vinson.

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