Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I took a day off to chaperone Ben's 3rd grade field trip to the NC Art Museum.  I was assigned to a group of 11 kids including 7 boys. I asked Ben ahead of the trip if he wanted me to come and assured him I wouldn't embarass him. He later told me this was his favorite piece, a giant "fabric" wall hanging that was made completely of recycling. Go figure, my make-it and take-it boy.

We started out tour with an amazing docent who got the kids to sit on the floor with her looking at a work of art from different angles.  She passed out cards with things like "perspective, line, color, texture..." all the tools in the artist toolbox.  As expected, she was a retired teacher enjoying working with kids in a different classroom.

We looked at lots of great works in the museum including the sculpture walk outside.  It was gorgeous, warm outside and once released the kids ran en masse up a giant hill.

We had lunch outside enjoying the sun on our faces.  It was a great day and for the time being I hope Ben will keep telling me to join him, that he wants me around his class and school friends.  There has been such a shift to having a best friend this year, keeping parts of his friendship to himself, basically becoming a young man and no longer a child.

After the buses departed to take the kids back to school, I had a few hours before soccer practice, so I took myself to a favorite place for lunch, hit up Trader Joes minus kids, picked up hay bales for our outside pumpkin palooza display, arranged a giant arrangement of flowers for myself, and came home and took a long walk with the dog  What did I not do?  A speck of work!


The funniest part of the visit was when we were walking out through a Greek sculpture display. Ben's teacher looked over at me as I rounded up the back of the line and said, "I don't think they will notice anything if we move quickly, Me- "Uh... these are 3rd grade primarily boys in our group."

Famous last words


Insert your favorite 3rd grade humor here.

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