Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom....

Not quite that crazy as end of the world, but close. Friday was Dog Watch, Day 2 with another day spent at the Vet for IV fluids and observation. The good news is that one more test and she will be cleared with no lingering illness.

Ian coming off 6 straight days of no nap and waking at 6:15ish had a colossal meltdown, as in the clerk commented, "Maybe you could come back when he is feeling better." I am sure in his infinite 17 year old wisdom thought he was being helpful.  I politely replied, aka glared at him and said, "I'm close to being done, I guess we all are in for some afternoon delight."

Friday night my friend came over once Ian was in bed and Bill had taken Ben to an outdoor movie.  We drank margaritas and watched a subtitled documentary. I was spent or maybe just tipsy by 9:30 and couldn't tell you one important thing about the movie.    

Saturday included a blitz of 8:30 t ball, birthday party where again, Ian had a nasty meltdown blocking the door rolling around sobbing about leaving, also keeping everyone else from leaving. The party was cool to the point that we might consider for a birthday party or for a camp in the future. 

Like a fool on a suicide mission pushed on for library returns/pick ups, hair cuts, grocery run for the 5 things I had forgotten plus prescriptions not ready the day before (or more likely I just forgotten), and returns to Old Navy. Somewhere in there we ate lunch and I had the boys Facetime with their grandmother to say happy birthday.
Somewhere also during the day I realized I was only wearing only one earring.  In a panic I retraced all the places we had been only to realize once home, that I never put the 2nd one in when rushing to get out the door earlier.  

I did escape child-free to buy some replacement school old lady shoes. Each passing year I wonder where the downward spiral, the curmudgeonly shoe edition, I will land? Saturday night I did laundry and packed, all while drinking the rest of the margaritas while Bill went to see a movie.  

Around 11 pm my sorority sisters prank called me or as I would rather think of it, spent 5 minutes of a final night celebration trying to include me not being with them.  As sad as I was as they posted pictures and inside jokes all weekend, it would be been crazy to have tried to go and make the drive to DC last night after a drive home from Charleston.

Sunday I took the boys to early church then on to our local children's museum before returning with Krispy Kreme's in hand for what I hope was today's breakfast.  I finally made it DC last night where I will be until Wednesday at the National Archives.   I'm hoping for National Treasure kind of excitement.  Chances are it will be more like dorky teacher kind of excitement.  Regardless, I'm here and excited.  

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