Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Big Summer Fun List!

It may be July and on day 5 of rain but it is SUMMER!   What does summer mean at Casa Vinson?   A less busy schedule, camps a plenty, lots of obligation-free unstructured time. SCORE.

I have several lists going, including the giant summer to-do list of awe inspiring tasks like a freezer inventory and purging the medicine chest of expired medicines.  Jealous? (likely not)

What is making the most important list? The 2013 list Big Family fun list?

*Items already completed or in progress are checked off!

1. Check out the super cool tree swing Mom discovered on the greenway creek trail
2. Make Camp Mommy t-shirts for field trip days
3. Update our car playlist
4. Visit the Bynum Front Porch music Saturday nights
5. Field Trip on an Amtrak Train to the NC Transportation Museum
6. Visit the Cary Creative Center and replenish our art box
7. Play t-ball
8. Catch a fish
9. Go Canoeing
10. Mystery trip/scavenger hunt adventure
11. Family cooking night
12. Ice cream taste test
13. Go to summer camp
14. Ride go karts
15. Take swim lessons
16. Go to the NC Zoo
17. Stay in a lakehouse and ride in a boat

18. Picnic, Train, Carousel at Pullen Park
19. Volunteer with Food Bank and Animal Shelter
20. Trip to Durham Science and Life
21. Krispy Kreme run after Marbles Children's Museum
22. Finish the playroom "secret room"
23. Visit the library weekly for new books and storytime
24. Family puzzle or game night
25. Make a recycled art project at the Scrap Exchange
26. See a Durham Bulls game
27. Beach weekend with friends
28. Eat Locopops!!!
29. Nature walk at Eno River State park
30. Watch the Paperhand Puppet Intervention at NC Museum of Art
31. Buy fruits, veggies and plants at the Raleigh Farmers Market
32. See a movie outside
33  Road trip to see Grandmommy in Florida
34. Make smores by the new fire pit
35. Visit the spray park and pool as much as possible!

We are heading out later this week for a family vacation to you guessed it, Disney! Bill has once again planned all details down to times and places to visit by day. All I have to do is get us packed and out the door.

This year to save money we are staying off property in a rental condo a few minutes away from the entrance.  We are driving, not flying, and are not doing a Disney dining plan.  Instead we have two special meals planned including an all you can eat dessert buffet watching fireworks over the castle.  We have our divide and conquer plan in place to let me take Ian back earlier to get him to bed and Bill stay on later in the parks with Ben.  This has worked well in the past and keeps the boys to somewhat a normal schedule.

We are also heading to Legoland, a first for our family. I convinced Bill to take the kids alone for the day since he was almost as excited about Legoland as the boys were.  Mom is looking forward to a quiet day, sitting pool side with a book.  That, my friends, is my definition of vacation.

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Carrie said...

We just got back from Disney! I love how your summer fun list has some original things on it. And a day to yourself while they hit Leyland sounds super sweet, your hubby is a winner! I need to look into why you can't comment on my blog.