Friday, July 19, 2013

Project Runway- An Occasional Friday Series "Have dress, need venue"

Where had I planned to be on July 19th and then August 2nd?

Wearing this maxi dress purchased at White House Black Market for double summer reunions

I should be wearing it with my sorority sisters sitting on a rooftop bar overlooking historic Charleston tonight.

But I'm not :(

Actually the idea of driving 5 hours yesterday after being awoken to a dog that had vomited blood and pooped herself to near exhaustion wouldn't have happened even if I hadn't already not planned to go.  The dog ingested two, yes only two, raisins which can cause internal organ failure in dogs.  She spent all day on IV fluids and under observation yesterday, is back today for more fluids and back again Saturday for a repeat organ failure test.

The good news (yes, there is good news) is that we caught it very early and we were not gone on vacation when it happened.  The Vet feels that she will make a full recovery.  My wallet though, will need the return of my paycheck to make a full recovery!

While on the topic of reunions I'm not going to, I'm also not going to my 20th high school reunion as planned on the way home from the upcoming Florida trip with the boys.  I had planned to take the boys to the family bbq portion the night before the actual reunion at a swanky downtown Greenville, SC hotel.  But when the BBQ was canceled I feel a little funny about showing up stag to a couple-filled event.

Really, the people I want to see most I keep up with on Facebook or already saw at the start of the summer when my high school girlfriends got together.

Still though, I love this dress and need somewhere to wear it before summer end.

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Kate said...

Brunch at Carolina Inn with me? Miss you! Hope Vegas gets better soon! Katie