Monday, July 1, 2013

Paddle faster, I hear banjos

We had a fairly uneventful weekend other than dodging lots of rainstorms and cursing my still broken car air conditioning.  As Bill had the boys for several days straight and has a release later this week, he's been catching up on work while I've had the boys for the bulk of the weekend.

The boys and I hit the park, the farmers market, grocery story, Target, breakfast out, movie night at home, library run, lots of playing  outside when not raining.

Of note during the weekend, the boys and I finished recovering an old bookshelf to move into the playroom and turn into a V-boys library.  Right now each boy has a bookshelf that is half used for books and half Lego creations, stuffed animals, randomness that matters only to the under 8 crowd.  I'll post before and after pictures once I reassemble.

My plan is two fold including finally thinning out bedroom bookshelves by purging and passing a sizable chunk of the collection, and then move the bulk of the books into the playroom.  I have method in my madness to try and keep library books separate from our own collection.

The other item of note was Ben and I went to a local park for Paddle the Pond event.  After a year in Y guides as well as a weekend at Camp Seagull with his tribe I thought this would be fun.  It was, minus mom running our boat into a thicket of pond vegetation and had to work a good 20 mins to free us. Luckily no one had to come to our aid, so I'm calling the trip on the side of success.  

Before Bill took Ian home for a hopeful but non-existent nap, he took some pictures.  This was the first time I had been to this park and we will be back for the fall paddle.  While waiting for the weather to cool down,  I promised I would work on my canoeing skills.

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