Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mom down

I should post pictures from my recent 40th birthday, but instead I gotta tell you from this chair, where I am parked and watching the Miss Universe pageant that I am indeed a mom down.

Earlier today I took the boys over to Durham for the day as it was a beautiful, and unseasonably warm January day.  We started out at the Nasher museum of art on Duke's campus where there were having family day complete with special events including Scrap Exchange and a lesson on gilding.

Both boys loved building and then gilding their creations. Then we headed over to the  Durham food truck rodeo and check out a former teacher colleague turned food truck owner at All American Burgers.  Since it seamed that all of Durham had the same idea we decided to head back to Duke to the Sarah P Duke gardens.

It was gorgeous outside and after a rainy start to the weekend, the high 50s and sun was a blessing.  all was going well until we were cleaning up and mom fell down some stairs.  The boys were surprised to see mom and not them rolling around on the ground.  Luckily I didn't break anything, but my ankle quickly began to pull up so I limped my way to the exit.

For the rest of the night I parked it, iced it, and made plans to have a friend pick me up for work as Bill was concerned that since I was holding on to the walls, counter, the kids to move from once place to place that I likely didn't need to drive myself into work.  I also consented that I would take a walking stick in with me just in case I needed something to lean on in moving around my classroom.

Some first impression for the students I just met last week.  In all honesty, I'm very happy I didn't break anything as having a big ol' cast doesn't sound much fun.

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Beth said...

Dang--you've been 40 for all of how long before you fell down some stairs? LOL. Just kidding--hope you heal up soon!