Monday, August 4, 2014


We have had another rainy, cool summer minus a few hot summer days.  I sure hope this does not mean we are going to have another winter of snow and ice!  This past weekend we had a normal weekend, relaxed getting back to normal after my travel and before we leave Thursday for a week in Florida.

Friday we joined up with some friends for an afternoon out of the rain and into the rainforest at a special exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  This was a special exhibit that included a maze with T/F questions each leading to info about the life in a rainforest.  Along the way was a giant spider net and zipline for kids.  We then went over to the State Farmers Market Restaurant for biscuits and hushpuppies and veggies plates (me) and pancakes for the boys.  If local and you have not checked out, it's a must along with a trip down the hill to the farmer stalls for some take home goodness.

Saturday since it was still raining we spent most of the day at home, watching movies, playing games, and I managed to get a haul of freeze ahead cooking finished up.  Yum that I now have squash and sweet onion and green beans cooked with country ham to go with my growing fall freezer haul.

Saturday, Ben spent the night with a friend Saturday night while Ian and I watched the Lego movie for the 100th time.  Bill and I also started working on cleaning out and prepping to see nursery furniture as well as some other items the boys have outgrown.

Sunday was another lazy rainy day until mid afternoon when the sun finally camp out.  We joined up with our newly back from vacation neighbors to walk dogs and hit up the playground while Bill put together some of Ian's new furniture.  By the time we return from Florida, his new big boy bedroom will be up.

This week is a return to BMX camp for Ben and VBS with a friend in the morning for Ian.  Mom will be blitzing through her to do list as as soon as we return from Florida it is time for school.

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