Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1st Day of School

Checking in after what has been a busy few final weeks of the summer.  Both boys are now back in full time school and daycare and I am back to the grind of new students and a new school year.  At some point I hope to recap summer.  If is had a theme, it would be "oh, the places you will go."  Of the 8 weeks between end of school on the 14th and return on August 15th we (or I) was gone 4 weeks of the summer.

A good summer, wait a GREAT summer given for the first time ever I didn't teach online or write test items on contract.  Frankly, I don't see how I would have had time!

Monday night after a long 15 hour day with 11 hours at school and the other 4 existing on multiple cups of coffee we finished dinner and opted for 1st day photos. Ben and Ian had of course been watching American Ninja Warrior, and were recreating the "devil steps" which they insisted they had to do shirtless.

Hence, this is our official back to school picture for 2014.

As well as this action shot of them jumping off the porch.  This is how I remember summer 2014, as a series of stunts and one-upping each other in dares.

I convinced them to put on a shirt to take one picture with mom (who I barely recognize due to the bags under my eyes and the 10 years older I look than any picture taken during the summer.)

They told me we should pose shirtless, myself included.  Nope.

I will settle for a sandwich kiss.

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