Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday we sold our house. Yes it's been crazy hard to sit on this news as we have been super mum as not to jinx this awesomeness.

We sold it in exactly 90 days. In this economy we listed on June 14th and went under contract on Sept 14th. CRAZY good luck.

We happily made someone first time home buyers yesterday as we signed over 204 Blooming Meadows to a new family.

The academy would like thank our agent, David Henry Johnson. Remember when I interviewed like a Christmas pageant of agents back in April?

The only agent not to lavish us with hollow accolades (or to quote Tommy Boy, remember that?) He was honest about the work to be done to get it market ready and then got people in the house all summer long. I would recommend him to anyone in the Triangle area buying or selling as someone super professional and also super funny (always a plus in my book.)

Ok, true confession time.

I went over on Tuesday to grab the last of the stuff. I couldn't stop crying going room to room. It was even worse when Bill and I made one last run with the kids on Tuesday night. Hot mess = borderline embarrassing.


How many times did I drive into the driveway, prepare meals in the kitchen, swing and play with the boys in the backyard, walk the dog to the nearby park, remember birthday parties with a giant waterslide, live the daily grind first as newly married folk to ones bringing home two babies across the threshold.

All good wishes to the new family with two young kids with hopes they will create their home in the same space.

I give you a view from a new window. One that brings a smile to my face. The one of an ongoing baseball game in the front yard. The current site of so many Halloween decorations we look like a Target post decoration fire sale. ***Note*** that Bill is still not finished and has been banned from displaying anything detailing arterial spray.

102 is the house where the boys play everyday with our neighbors, the house of my dream fantasy of front and back porches calling for relaxing, the future site of a game room for all male Vinsons, the house where Ben mooned our neighbor's husband yesterday resulting in a public apology. The house of many memories in the making.

I'm looking forward to awkwardly posed prom pictures in front of the mantle, growth charts detailing Ben and Ian outgrowing me by a good half a foot by age eighteen, the one where they will literally eat us out of house and home in the next decade.

AWESOME NEWS INDEED. Goodbye (finally) 204.

102 was a trade up but you will always be our first love.


Beth said...

So happy for you! Amazing what can happen when you work your ass off to make something work. :-)

Carrie77 said...

That is AWESOME! So happy for you guys! It was a really nice home!

LauraC said...

I would have cried at my 204 if the boys weren't being such dicks the last time. I was NOT sad to say good bye to the shared home office though. Pretty sad to say good bye to the tree house that never got used.

Crystie Demirovic said...

Hi Heather, this is Crystie. We've been living in and loving 204 for almost 3 1/2 years now. I found your blog through your FB page, which I found through Michelle Wilke's FB page. :-) Thought you should know how much we love this home and appreciate all you and Bill did to maintain and improve it! We must have similar tastes because I haven't changed much in this house, just updated the kitchen and painted the upstairs rooms for the girls. Here's my blog..., especially and It was so nice to find your note when we moved in. I know you loved this home and maybe this sounds strange, but when viewing it I could feel that this home was filled with joy and love. I so often think how fortunate we were that this home was on the market when we came out to house shop. I'll never forget looking at photos of it in August 2011 from California and hoping it would still be on the market when we flew out in September. :-)